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Honda 1989 VFR750R Model Specification

Max. HP
86.3 HP @ 11,500 RPM*
5.72 kg*m (41.4 ft*lb) @ 10,500 RPM*
2045 mm (L)
700 mm (W)
1100 mm (H)
1410 mm (55.5 in)
Dry Weight
192 kg (423.3 lb)
Front Wheel
Rear wheel
List Price (new)
$14,998 US (approx.)
*Max. HP and Torque numbers from Cycle Magazine tests, May 1990, and are values measured at the wheel. All other numbers are from owners manual, 1989
1989 Honda VFR 750r


Hits American shores, Ye-ha! Similar to our European brothers except we got the RC30 letters inside black # plates. There was a $7k (USD) chassis and a $5k (USD) engine race kit available from HRC. Unfortunately (at least for posing) the engine race kit featured a stainless steel exhaust not titainium as the '86-'87 race kits included.

It has 43mm (quick release axcel) forks, not 41mm Note: this applies to all models, Euro and U.S. The U.S. version featured white mirrors while other markets (Europe?) got black mirrors. As with the Euro models, it sported red number plates. The Black number plates were the Japanese models (Suzuka 8-hour replica).

Note: Kaz Yoshima of Ontario MotoTech said that the engine internals for the U. S. models are not the same as the European models, which are very similar to the factory RVF endurance racers. Other sources confirm what Kaz said about the European models getting slightly different engines but it was considered that the European bike was sold with most of the pieces from the optional "race kit" already installed on the bike which brought it closer to RVF specs. There is no conclusive data to back up this assertion.(Tamiya makes a model kit of this one too)