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Honda 1990 VFR750F Model Specification

Max. HP
94 HP @ 10,500 RPM
No info
2180 mm (L)
700 mm (W)
1185 mm (H)
1479 mm (58.2 in)
Dry Weight
216 kg (475.2 lb)
Front Wheel
Rear wheel
List Price (new)
$6998 US
'90 VFR750F


Advertised as similar to the RC30 yet more "civilized". U.S. Honda's advertisement showed a VFR750F on one page with the caption that read "Inside one of these..." then the next page had an RC30 with the words "One of these trying to get out".

Another major upgrade. New frame (even different from the RC30). New racier bodywork with the turn indicators as part of the bodywork, except U.S. models which got Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) approved dorky rear turn signals attached to the truly ugly, 3 foot long "Euro" rear fender. Seat extends well into the tank/bodywork and the riding position was made a bit more prone. Dual headlight bulbs (45/45 watt - Why? don't ask) with different pattern mounting tabs from a D.O.T. H-4 bulb - go figure) in a single lens (fairing made the lens look like a double lens), 4/2/1 (right side) exhaust that pivoted out of the way for rear wheel removal, engine changed back to a 180x crank, "Elf Designed" PRO- ARM (single sided) rear swingarm, 3.5x17" front and 5.5x17" rear wheel (held in place by 4 nuts), 41mm forks are new and much improved over the '86-'87 models. Newest Nissin front brakes are still gold but the rear brake is painted black. Pillion rider grab rails fold into bodywork out of sight (or can be easily removed). Center stand and seat cowl are now options in U.S. market, right side heat bath is not an option, it's here and it's hot! This is virtually the only complaint of the bike, that and most would rather have the RC30 style (left side) exhaust.

All the "Upgrades" have added some weight over the '86-89 models, but the new lady hides her weight well and is actually more comfortable. New cockpit is more high-tech and classier at the same time. Color is red, very red with white wheels.