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Honda RVF 400F 1994 1995 Model Specification

Max. HP
53hp @ 12,500 RPM
3.7 kg*m @ 10,000 RPM
1985 mm (D)
685 mm (W)
1065 mm (H)
1335 mm
Dry Weight
183 kg
Front Wheel
120/60-17 54H
Rear wheel
150/60-17 67H
List Price (new)
780,000 yen ($9176 US)
1995 Honda RVF 400
1995 Honda RVF400


The latest model of V-Four 400cc in Japan. It's a hot, hot bike! It looks just like RVF750 (RC45) except the headlights are smaller and shaped more like the Factory RVF Suzuka 8-hour Endurance bike. Fully adjustable upside down forks are featured even though the CBR400RR still sports conventional forks. The "claimed" max horse power and torque are reduced due to a notice from department of traffic in Japan*. Finally switched wheels from the RC30 like 17" front 18" rear to the now standard 17" at both ends. Like the VFR400R(NC30), the RVF400(NC35) is known for great handling and turning quicker than other 400s. It sports the latest Nissin 4 piston calipers (black colored). Graphics are just like the RC45 - mostly red and white with some purple and black on the fairing sides. Black number plates and wheels round out the look.

*NOTE: Japanese companies have had sort of a "Gentlemen's agreement with each other and the Government to "limit" the maximum horse power per given engine size. For example, All the listings for 750cc bikes show 77 hp. This is for a standard GSXR and the GSXR-SP, the YZFR and YZF-SP, The ZXR750 and the ZXR750R and the NR and the RC45. The 400s are held to the 59hp (now 53) barrier weather you are talking VFR/RVF, CBR-RR, NSR, GSXR, RGV, TZR YZF etc. It seems kind of funny that they ALL make Exactically the same max hp. Of course Torque values would be different at least between 2-stroke and 4-stroke models.